Functional Strength Coach 5

Over the past 30 years I’ve coached thousands of athletes, sildenafil sildenafil from middle school novices to World Champions.

I’ve been through every fad and trend to come along. I’ve witnessed the emergence of the ‘internet guru’ sharing theories they’ve never actually used with athletes.

But most importantly, best cialis I’ve developed a sense of what works…and what doesn’t.

I’ve evolved and continued to seek out and superior ways to train my athletes, improving every year.

And beginning about XX years ago I began sharing what I’ve learned with the original Functional Strength Coach package.

Then, as I found new techniques and strategies that proved to be successful with our athletes at MBSC, I documented them and committed to sharing what really is working through updates to the Functional Strength Coach system.

What Works…Right Now

There has been enough progressions in our training over the past two years that I knew that I had to share what we are doing with our athletes right now.


Over the past two years I’ve learned a lot. We’ve tested hundreds of ideas and concepts at our facility, discarding most but integrating new protocols that have proven to be incredibly valuable to the development of our athletes.

That’s what good coaching is.

An evolution.

That’s why you’ll find Functional Strength Coach 5 vastly different than any of the previous FSC volumes.

Because I’m a student. Just like you. I’ve learned a lot recently that has made me a better coach, and in turn made our programs and our athletes better.

Now I’m turning that newfound education over to you.

Why This Matters To You

As a coach you’re measured by results.

Is your program preventing injuries?

Are you improving performance?

It’s that simple.

Functional Strength Coach 5 is the blueprint for what I’m doing right now to accomplish those two critical goals.

And I’m turning over that blueprint to you.

You’ll discover what my team and I are doing right now for…

• Soft Tissue Techniques

• Muscle Activation

• Pre-movement Stretching

• Active Warm Up

• Plyometrics / Balance

• Core Stability / Strength

• Explosive Training

• Innovative Strength Training Exercises

• Conditioning Techniques

• Injury Rehabilitation

• And much more!

Functional Strength Coach 5 is your competitive edge.

Of course, that overview of Functional Strength Coach 5 barely scratches the surface of what I cover during the course of the entire Spread out over 6 DVDs of exclusive footage, this closed-door,

just short of 8  hour seminar plus the Functional Strength Coach Manual will give you my blueprint for developing Championship Athletes that you can take and apply.

Here’s What You Get

In Functional Strength Coach 5 you get:

DVD 1: A Joint by Joint Approach to Strength and Conditioning

DVD 2. A Joint by Joint Approach to Strength and Conditioning, Part

DVD 3. Lumbar Spine

DVD 4. Flexibility Circuits with Workout Muse

DVD 5. Mobility Circuits with Workout Muse

DVD 6. Core Development

DVD 7. Strength Training Updates

DVD 8. Central Nervous System Development

Training Manual: Functional Strength Coach Manual

Here’s What You Need To Do Next…

By now you’ve got an idea of what you’ll learn in Functional

Strength Coach 5 and how much impact it will have on your coaching as well as your athletes’ performance.

It’s your best opportunity to access my most current ideas and strategies for developing strength and performance improvements in your athletes and clients.

The truth is, you can’t hire me for consulting or to train you, your team or your clients.

Attending the live filming of Functional Strength Coach 5 would have cost you $350…

…not including the costs of your flight, hotel, transportation, food, etc.

But you can get my complete blueprint for developing athletes,

Functional Strength Coach 5 for just $$149…if you order by Friday April 25th.

You’ll get all 7+ hours, 6 DVDs, a manual of the slides for notes for only $199 $149.

I know how much impact the information that you’ll learn in

Functional Strength Coach 5 has had for our coaches and athletes– and I know it will have the same type of impact for you if you put it

So if you’re ready to take your coaching, your fitness clients and your athletes (regardless of age, sport, skill level or gender) to the next level using tried and true training methods developed over 30 years of study, testing, trial and error, then you’ll benefit greatly from

Functional Strength Coach 5.

To your success,

Mike Boyle

P.S. – Now I’ll be honest. Functional Strength Coach 5 might not be.

If you’re a beginning trainer and don’t feel confident creating and implementing your own programs yet, this might not be your best I’m not saying the program is overly technical – because it’s not.

It’s very straight-forward and practical. Because that’s how things need to be when you’re in the field working with your athletes and clients. They don’t want to hear theory, they want to improve.

That said, if you’re the type of person who likes to think, learn and improve, then Functional Strength Coach 5 is exactly what you’re looking for.

Either way, I want you to be satisfied the same way I want my athletes and clients to be satisfied. So I’m offering you a very fair ‘return policy’.

If you don’t think Functional Strength Coach 5 is worth every penny you paid for it, simply return it within 60 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund.

No questions asked.

Now you don’t have to worry about the cost issue because I’m taking on all the risk. If you don’t like it, don’t want it or can’t use it, just send

You’d agree that’s a fair offer, wouldn’t you?

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